Go Abroad

Application Process

Applications for the Go Abroad Fund 2019 are closed.

Important dates

The deadline for online applications was 12pm, 25 March 2019.

All applicants will be informed of our decision by 29 April 2019.

Overall, I think the biggest impact of my internship was on my confidence. I proved to myself that I am able to travel to a completely new continent and perform at a high level in a demanding role, and thrive.

 2018 recipient

In 2018, successful candidates needed to...

  • Demonstrate the overall value of their proposed international experience

  • Show the extent to which they will benefit (academically, professionally, or personally) from both the funding and the international experience

  • Evidence their potential for positively representing the University of Edinburgh while abroad

By applying, all applicants agree to participate in the new peer-assessment portion of the marking process. This requires each applicant to assess five applications according to these criteria.

In 2016, the funding breakdown of study level was: 18 MSc students, 42 PhD students, 227 Undergraduates
Funding breakdown by college for PGAF 2016: 152 in CAHSS, 62 in Medicine & Vet Medicine, 73 in Science and Engineering