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Sustainability and climate conscious travel

Consider the environmental impacts of your travel and activities abroad.

Travelling abroad has an inevitable environmental impact. As part of the University’s goal to be carbon zero by 2040,  it’s important to reflect on the sustainability of long distance travel. 

 Our top tips for being sustainable while abroad

There are lots of things you can do to manage your carbon footprint, create less waste, and get involved in sustainability projects during your exchange: 


Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarship

Each year Butex awards a number of scholarships to undergraduate students studying abroad for a semester or a whole academic year, and students undertaking a summer school programme, overseas work/internship/traineeship placement of varying lengths of time.  This £500 scholarship supports students who plan to study abroad with a focus on sustainability.

Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarship

Take climate-positive action

The University's Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) has lots of information about ways you can take climate-positive action, with training courses, learning opportunities, paid internships, funding and advice to help you improve your sustainability skillset and empower you to take action.

Find out how you can take climate-positive action

Be Sustainable online course

Sustainability Champions network

SDGs Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals 

The University aims, in its operations, research, learning and teaching, to engage with and contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, both locally and globally.  

Discover the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Want to know more about the University’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility?

Read the University’s Strategy 2030 

Read the University’s Social and Civic Responsibility Plan