Study and Work Away Service

Disability and learning support

Guidance for students with disabilities, learning difficulties or additional support needs.

Having a disability, learning difficulty or health condition should not get in the way of study or work abroad.  

Students with a disability or specific learning need are encouraged to apply to study abroad. Some destinations may be more suitable for you than others so it would be useful to investigate options at an early stage with your Personal Tutor, the Disability and Learning Service and/or the Study and Work Away Service.

Please note

While we can make your host institution or organisation aware of the support you receive in Edinburgh, we cannot guarantee that the same type or level of support/adjustments offered at Edinburgh will be available at your host institution.  

How can we support you?

The Study and Work Away team can:

  • Liaise with your host university / organisation to discuss support you might need
  • Contact the Student Disability and Learning Support Service for practical advice
  • Apply for funding if you have additional requirements that may incur extra costs 

Useful resources

  • Student Disability and Learning Support Service  - for advice on the support available for students requiring additional support
  • – a platform where you can check the level of accessibility of the different higher education institutions across Europe
  • Global Graduates website – for blog posts and tips from fellow students on how to deal with disability during your time abroad
  • ExchangeAbility – ExchangeAbility Ambassadors are internationally-minded citizens with a disability who share their experiences of going abroad