School of GeoSciences Research

Pioneering nature-based solutions for biodiversity and ecosystem services

We are pioneering research on the sustainable management of resources and biodiversity protection. Our work is breaking barriers between research, policy and practice and underpinning national and international policies for a better world.

A bee collecting pollen from a flower

Re-framing environmental resource use has led to the emergence of the ecosystem services (ES) concept.  This concept explicitly acknowledges our dependence on nature and the need to better protect and manage natural resources. 

Although ecosystem services has been adopted in national and international policy frameworks, applying the concept in policy and decision-making practice remains challenging.  

Bringing everyone together

Our research has consistently identified the need for knowledge sharing between science, policy and practice for the ecosystem services framework to support land management decision-making successfully. 

Through our work, we have:

  • Established a spin-out company used by thousands, including national and international policymakers
  • Contributed to key research that informed policy decisions, including the European Commission Biodiversity Strategy and the UN climate policy.
  • Provided the technical infrastructure to support the United Nations Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform (IPBES), which underpins IPBES's support of policy action worldwide


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