School of GeoSciences Research

Earth and Planetary Sciences Institute

The Earth and Planetary Science Research Institute is united by a desire to understand the physical processes, properties and history of the planet on a fundamental level, which continue to shape the world in which we live.

Earth science is fast becoming one of the most crucial scientific disciplines of the 21st Century as humanity struggles to balance environmental protection and economic progress on a finite and fragile planet. 

Through the Institute, we conduct world-class research and provide outstanding, forward-looking training for the next generation of Earth scientists to deliver our vision of contributing solutions to the most pressing problems facing society.  We deal with topics from the formation of the Earth billions of years ago to the development of hydrogen storage technologies which will provide the clean energy sources for the future. 

Earth science at the University of Edinburgh has an unmatched pedigree, stretching back to James Hutton founding modern geology in the 18th Century. We continue to build on that legacy today, providing a stimulating and supportive environment where staff and students are challenged to extend our knowledge of the Earth and solve our most important problems. 

Our research groups

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, academic staff may belong to one or more groups across our School institutes.

Crust to Core

The Crust to Core research group studies how processes operating on all time and length scales interact to generate the key large-scale features of the Earth through deep time to the present.

Edinburgh Earth Resources

The Edinburgh Earth Resources research group studies a wide variety of natural resources from our planet. Our researchers are dedicated to understanding how to utilise these resources responsibly for the benefit of all.

Edinburgh GeoHazards

The Edinburgh GeoHazards research group brings together expertise in natural hazards from across the University of Edinburgh in conjunction with partners such as the British Geological Survey.

Geobiology and Geochemistry

The Geobiology and Geochemistry research group investigates the fundamental connections between biological evolution, environmental change, and the chemistry of Earth’s air, water, minerals and rocks.

Research facilities

Our work is underpinned by the outstanding expertise of our staff and exceptional research facilities. 

School of GeoSciences research facilities