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Detailed information on how to find us and who to contact.

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  • General enquiries
  • Contact details for p​​​​​​rospective students
  • Building addresses and telephone numbers


General enquiries

School of GeoSciences general enquiries (non-student)

For prospective and current students, please find more information below.

Contact details for prospective students

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught degrees

Application and admissions enquiries

If you have a question about applying to an undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme, or if you have applied to us and have a question about your application, please complete our online enquiry form:

Undergraduate and postgraduate enquiry form

For urgent matters, please telephone the College of Science and Engineering Admissions Team:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 650 5737

General enquiries

If you are interested in one of our undergraduate or postgraduate programmes and have any questions, please email us:

Postgraduate research degree enquiries

For enquiries regarding postgraduate research studies, please contact:

Building addresses and telephone numbers

We are located in several buildings across the King’s Buildings and Central Area campuses of the University.

The University provides campus maps and accessibility guides for the campuses and buildings.  

University campus maps and guides

Kings Buildings Campus

Grant Institute

  • Postal and physical address:    The King's Buildings, James Hutton Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FE
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 650 8510

Crew Building

  • Postal and physical address:    The King's Buildings, Alexander Crum Brown Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FF
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 650 5430

Central Area Campus

Institute of Geography

  • Postal and physical address:  Drummond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9XP
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 650 9847

Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI)

  • Postal and physical address:  High School Yards, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ
  • Telephone: +44 (0)131 650 5326

Our people

We have over four hundred staff working within our School community.  

You can search for us by name or by department.

Our people - staff directory