School of GeoSciences Research

Innovation, impact and engagement

Find out how we are engaging with, and influencing the world for the better.

From working with grass-roots community groups and relevant industries to influencing national and international government policy, we address real-world challenges and are making positive impacts in our world.

We directly engage with policy decision-makers, local and national governments, and intergovernmental agencies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which influenced the UN Paris Agreement on climate change.

Our work aims to deliver positive change to people, communities and the environment. From public health and housing to environmental conservation and natural disasters, we are making a difference to people and places.

We also engage with a range of businesses and industry to make a difference - from environmental protection to the latest space and satellite technology and green energy solutions.

Climate crisis

Melting ice from a glacier breaks off and crashes into the ocean due to climate warming
It's undeniable - we are responsible for the climate crisis. Many impacts are irreversible, and our planet is hurtling towards catastrophic global warming temperatures. It's time to act - here's what you need to know.

Space and satellite technology

Group space satellite orbiting Earth and bright lights from the sun reflected on solar panels. Image elements furnished by NASA
Our innovative research in satellite observation and data modelling is making a difference from helping local environments and economies to informing national and international policies. Find out how we are monitoring environmental impacts, extreme weather and tackling climate change.

Transforming the energy industry

Single wind turbine, and a coal burning power plant with pollution and electricity pylons in the background
Find out how we are leading the future development of technologies that will decarbonise the energy supply industry and enable the responsible management of our natural resources.

Geography and the lived environment

A female health practitioner leaning into a filing cabinet and pulling out a patient file
We are working with governments, industry, and communities on many complex challenges from COVID-19 and public health to biodiversity protection and the sustainable management of Earth's natural resources.

Global change

Three female scientists sitting on a boat deck with a large tray of seabed samples with the arctic ocean behind
Our pioneering work is influencing local and global policy and practice in a range of environments on our planet. From sustainable land management and biodiversity to icy polar regions and our world's oceans, find out how we are making a difference.

Earth and planetary sciences

University of Edinburgh academics in a lab with UK energy minister Claire Perry, standing behind a table with laptop
Our research in understanding the changing physical forces that shape our planet has been instrumental in helping solve major challenges for governments, industry, and communities worldwide.

Advisory boards and professional bodies

Three colleagues in business attire at a work panel, seated at a desk with laptops and coffee
Our academics serve on a range of research, government and industry advisory boards and hold senior leadership roles with professional bodies.