School of GeoSciences Research

Geography and the lived environment

We are working with governments, industry, and communities on many complex challenges from COVID-19 and public health to biodiversity protection and the sustainable management of Earth's natural resources.

Through our research and engagement, we seek to understand the environmental, social, cultural and political dimensions of human geography, including questions of inequality, justice, and health.

We are always striving for a critical and ethical approach to understanding the world. We work with communities near and far to achieve positive transformations in people's lives.

Addressing alcohol and tobacco harm

A close up of a man's hands holding a smoking cigarette
We have achieved significant nation-wide impact in alcohol and tobacco policy, motivated by addressing harmful effects on health and underlying socio-economic inequalities.

Transforming personal data

Medical examination and growth graph data of business on tablet with doctor's health report clipboard and laptop in background.
Our research into experimental data is helping decision-making for national and international evidence-based policies. In addition, our work provided vital information for the Scottish Government's response to the COVID pandemic.

Pioneering nature-based solutions for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Jungle valley in Thailand surrounded by drifts of morning fog
We are pioneering research on the sustainable management of resources and biodiversity protection. Our work is breaking barriers between research, policy and practice and underpinning national and international policies for a better world.