Bank Transfer and Online Payments Platform

The GlobalPay for Students platform allows students, their families or their sponsors to pay GBP student fees in the currency of choice and provides a simple and secure way to initiate the payment.

Pay on the GlobalPay for Students Platform.

Powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS).

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How it works?

Simply select the country you are paying from, the amount you wish to pay and your preferred method of payment. Look for the ‘show more options’ on the page end at step 1 if you can't see your preferred currency. Enter the student details (with UUN) and payer details (if different). If you choose to pay by bank transfer, use the payment instructions provided to make your payment through your bank (at branch, online or phone banking). If you select an online payment option, you will be redirected to complete your payment.

The UUN is linked to the payment reference shown on the transfer instructions and it is important this reference is used as it uniquely identifies the payment.

Benefits for you:

  • pay fees by bank transfer or an online payment option specific to your country
  • transparent rate, guaranteed for 72 hours, with NO additional fees
  • peace of mind that the University of Edinburgh will receive the full amount you pay with no deductions
  • favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • track your payment every step of the way through Payment Tracking
  • intuitive, mobile friendly interface for a seamless payment experience
  • multi language platform: French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese and Arabic
  • customer support service team dedicated to students

For more information watch this short video:

University Username

The UUN can be used as the login name or account name for services which that person is authorised to use. The form of UUN for undergraduate and postgraduate students is a lower case letter "s" followed by their matriculation number, e.g. s0212345.

The UUN is used for services like accounts in open-access labs and the Student Mail Service.