Pay by bank transfer or online payment platform

Find out what you need to do to make a fee payment by bank transfer or online payment platform using the Convera GlobalPay for Students website.

Pay by bank transfer or online payment using Convera Globalpay

What is Convera GlobalPay for Students?  

Convera Globalpay for Students allows you to pay your tuition fees in a currency of your choice by bank transfer. 

We proudly partner with Convera to offer you a simple, secure, and smart way to pay your fees online. Convera's platform is trusted by 800+ institutions worldwide to enable payments in 140+ currencies across 200+ countries and territories.

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Beware of using other providers  

The methods of payment we offer are very safe and allow us to track your payments, which is why we recommend them.  

You should not use a third party agent or ask someone you do not know to make a payment to the University. These methods may appear cheaper, but they may not be safe or may involve hidden costs.  

Advice on how to avoid financial scams and fraud 

How to make a payment 

  1. Use the link provided and this will take you directly to the Convera website 

  1. Select the country you are paying from 

  1. Enter the amount to pay in British pound sterling (GBP

  1. Select ‘get a quote’ button 

  1. Select ‘show more options’ to see more options. If your local currency is not available, then you can select British pound sterling (GBP)

  1. Select one of the currency options and enter the payer’s details

Pay by bank transfer or online payment using Convera Globalpay

If you choose to pay by bank transfer 

If you select to pay by bank transfer, then follow the instructions provided to make the payment through your bank (online, on the phone or in person at your bank). 

If you select an online payment option 

If you select to pay by an online payment option, you will be re-directed to complete your payment online.  

Payment reference  

Your payment reference is a unique number provided on the instruction sheet by our payment provider. The reference will start with EGB29913.   

Your payment quote will only be valid for 72 hours and so you should make a payment as soon as possible after you receive it.  

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