Section D


27.  Delegated Authority Schedule

The Delegated Authority Schedule contains the regulations about the Committees or individuals to whom authority has been delegated. It outlines who can commit the University to expenditure within approved budget limits.

Delegated authority is expressed through a system of authorised signatories. However, it remains the responsibility of primary Budget Holders, Heads of Schools or the equivalent officers to ensure full compliance with the Financial Regulations and Financial Policies and Procedures.

The DAS includes regulations on:

a.  Budgets and General Expenditure

b.  Land and Property

c.  Knowledge Strategy Activities

d.  Procurement

e.  Treasury and Cash management

f.  Income

g.  Donations and Endowments

h.  Students and Academic Collaborations

28.  Sub-delegation of authority

The Director of Finance has sub-delegated his authority through the Formal scheme of sub-delegation. The Schedule can be found on the Finance website.

29.  Cheque and Standing Order Signatories

Standing orders and direct debits must only be authorised by the Director of Finance and those individuals who have been approved as described above by the Court as cheque signatories

30.  Electronic Signatures

The use in these Financial Regulations of the term "authorised signatory" includes electronic as well as written signatures.

31.  Staff Changes

The Director of Finance must be notified immediately of any changes to those authorised to commit expenditure, including staff leavers.