Investment and Borrowing

Section O

106.  Treasury Management

The University’s Treasury Management policy is determined by University Court on the advice of the Policy and Resources Committee and the Investment Committee.


The day to day operations in relation to treasury management are delegated to the Finance Department. The Director of Finance reports to the Investment Committee.

107.  Investments

The Investment Committee is responsible for oversight of all investment of funds of the University. No School or Department of the University may invest in any securities or other investments (including land and buildings) without the prior approval of PRC. Schools or Departments must not borrow money outside the University. No guarantees or letters of comfort may be issued except with the prior written consent of the Director of Finance.

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability department is responsible for the updating of the Responsible Investment Policy Statement which summarises the approach the University takes to responsible investing, and highlights the progress made along with actions planned in response to policy decisions and strategic objectives relating to environmental, social and governance considerations.

108.  Loans

No School or Department may make a loan, including loans to staff or (outside the normal course of business) extend credit arrangements without the Director of Finance’s consent. Equipment loans e.g IT for use in transit or at home, must be registered with information services and meet computer regulations and data protection.

109.  Transport loan  

The University of Edinburgh provides staff with an interest free transport loan for purchasing a bus or train season ticket which is then paid back in instalments from their salaries.

110.  Hire Purchases and Leases

Finance are required to keep a register of financial commitments arising from the long-term lease, or hire, of all equipment. The details of all new leases should be emailed to: If an item of leased equipment would have cost the University £50,000 or more to purchase, the Finance Department may have to capitalise this and treat it as an item of fixed asset equipment.