Accounting Systems

Section G


49.  Financial Systems

The Director of Finance must authorise any financial system used in the University.

The Chief Information Officer signs off on security and assesses the potential to integrate with the University’s network.

50.  Training

In order to access the University’s finance systems, staff members are required to attend an appropriate training course and must follow the policies and procedures for related systems. Training can be arranged by contacting the Finance helpdesk in the Finance Department or ePS helpdesk for eProcurement (SciQuest) training. Failure to attend an appropriate training course may result in access to financial systems being removed.

51.  Recording of transactions All financial transactions must be properly recorded within the University's finance systems either through direct input or through an appropriate interface from another University approved system platform.
52.  Compliance with computing regulations

All members of staff with access to the University finance systems must comply with the rules laid down by Information Services and computing regulations. This includes the protection of passwords which must not be shared.

53.  Authorisations database

Every College and Support Group must use the eAuthorisations database to which School Administrators can add or amend personal, financial code or authorisations amounts.

Levels set on this database will be used for all financial systems. Authorisation levels on the eExpenses, FPM (finance process manager), eITs (electronic internal transfer system), and eFinancials systems and eProcurement permissions granted must agree to this database.


Ledger code changes

There are 4 analysis codes used to record financial activity, cost centre, account, job and activity. Each of these must be used for the purpose for which they have been set up, i.e. cost centre relates to school or sub-unit, account to type of transaction and job to projects etc. Activity codes are only used for payroll. College and Support Group accountants must approve new cost centre and job codes. The financial control section of FIRST must approve new account codes.