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Let’s Talk About Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies Event

We are delighted to share resources from the University of Edinburgh Teacher Education Partnership event 'Let’s Talk About Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies'.

The engaging Teacher Education Partnership event titled 'Let’s Talk About Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies' was held on 26 January 2019. The focus of this professional learning event was for teachers and school leaders to consider transformative, innovative and inclusive pedagogies. It offered participants the opportunity to engage in dialogue with academics who are leading voices in a range of inclusive and innovative practice.

This was a highly participatory, engaging and collaborative event with maximum opportunity for dialogue and stimulating thinking. It was co-constructed by the University of Edinburgh Teacher Education Partnership. The workshops provided opportunities to collaborate, connect and explore ideas with colleagues across the partnership Local Authorities. As a result of the discussions throughout the event, the graphic artist Jackie Forbes (from Drawn to Learn) recorded reflections from the event visually, as seen below.

Graphic artist's representation of discussions from the event
Reflections from the Let's Talk about Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies event

This graphic representation can also be accessed in alternative formats below:

The event sessions were designed to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of innovative, transformative and inclusive pedagogies
  • give opportunities to consider and challenge current knowledge, understanding and practice in order to respond to the needs of learners
  • stimulate critical discussion and enable the sharing of insights from theory, research, policy and practice

The overview session slides and workshop slides from the event are available below. This CLPL event is part of the work funded by Scottish Government to further support, promote and engage teachers and school leaders with professional learning opportunities aligned to Masters-level (SCQF level 11) learning.

Introduction and Overview to 'Let's Talk about Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies'

  • The lecture recording from the introduction and overview session can be accessed via MediaHopper


'Culturally Responsive Pedagogy - What is It?' led by Prof Rowena Arshad


'Innovative Pedagogies and Sustainability: From the Body Within – Reviewing Learning for Sustainability through Affect, Cognition and Action' led by Dr Laura Colucci-Gray


'Pluriliteracies Pedagogies for Deeper Learning: Nurturing an Inclusive Fundamental Shift for Growing Learning Partnerships in a Multilingual, Multicultural World' led by Prof Do Coyle


'Innovative Pedagogies, digital and data literacy' led by Prof Judy Robertson

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