Dr Laura Colucci-Gray

Senior Lecturer in Science Education


I grew up in the north of Italy  - a small town named 'Alba' before moving to the UK to study and then live in Scotland. I worked as a Biology teacher in a technical institute for two years and later, my career developed in science teacher education. I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Turin and graduated in 1998 with 110/110 cum lauden. While preparing my Master's dissertation I became fascinated with education and became a member of the Research Group in Science Education led by Dr. Elena Camino, based at the University of Turin (Italy).  I have been a founding member of the InterUniversity Research Institute for Research on Sustainability (www.iris.unito.it) and held teaching and research appointments at the Universities of Turin and Aosta Valley. I moved to the UK in 2000 when I started my PhD. My research looked at the development of participatory settings - using role-plays - to deal with complex and controversial socio-environmental issues. During my PhD study I focussed on the particular case of intensive prawn farming to explore the contested links between scientific knowledge and values and the opportunity to approach issues of sustainability in food production by dialogic, inclusive and nonviolent approaches to conflict. when I moved to Scotland, I worked in Glasgow and in Aberdeen for 13 years. In Aberdeen, I held leadership responsibilities and I was Director of Postgraduate Studies and Director of Research for 3 years. I moved to Edinburgh in September 2018 to hold a teaching, research and leadership appointment in STEM and Sustainability Education. I am passionate about real-life learning; radical democracy and participatory methodologies across the arts and sciences. 

I have been President of the Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) from 2014 to 2016.

I am co-editor of the journal Scottish Educational Review.

I am Associate Editor of the journal Visions for Sustainability.

I am board member of One Seed Forward.


PhD in Science Education

BSc Natural Sciences with Master's dissertation in Science Education

Responsibilities & affiliations

Coordinator of STEM and STEAM Education

Undergraduate teaching

MA4 Educational Studies Dissertations 

PGDE Curriculum Plus 3 - General Science

PGDE Primary Early and Middle years

Postgraduate teaching

MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching 

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

I am interested in supervising students with an interest in Learning for Sustainability; place-based education and participatory and arts-based methodologies.

I am also interested in STEAM education and interdisciplinary projects involving the arts and sciences for social justice.

Current PhD students supervised

  • (Lead supervisor) Daniel Woodah – Integrating indigenous knowledges and Western Science in learning about climate change. Funded by the Ghana Trust (Started in October 2015).
  • (Co - supervisor) Cathy Francis – The salmon project. Outdoor learning in primary education (started in October 2015).
  • (Lead supervisor) Carolyn Cooke – Teachers’ beliefs and identity in music education. A socio-material perspective (started in February 2015)
  • (Co-supervisor) Aristea Kiriacou – Designing school grounds for outdoor learning in Greece (started in October 2015)
  • (Co-supervisor) Leila Eerikaneen – Languaging for thinking in science (started in October 2016).
  • (Co-supervisor) Rebert Feller – Naturehood, gardening practices and citizens’ actions. Co-funded by Earth Watch and School of Biological Sciences - Research lead: Prof. Rene’ Van der Wal

Past PhD students supervised

  • (Lead supervisor) Semiyu Aderibigbe - An inquiry into mentoring relationships between teachers and student teachers in the classroom: a critical constructivist perspective. Graduated in July 2012.
  • (Lead supervisor) Fayadh Alanazi – Saudi pupils’ understanding of the shape of the Earth. A socio-cultural perspective. Graduated in November 2015.
  • (Lead supervisor) Kirsten Darling - Learning as participation: exploring relationships within an emergent paradigm. Graduated in November 2015.
  • (Co-supervisor) Amy Scott-Murray (ESRC scholarship) - Technology and Marine science communication (co-supervision with Dr. Dan Mayor, School of Biological Sciences), Graduated in March 2016.
  • (Lead supervisor) Mishel Moriah-Trim- Investigating school leaders’ perceptions of leadership and inclusion in the Caribbean. Graduated in June 2017
  • (Co-supervisor) Nirwan Sharma (University of Aberdeen Interdisciplinary research theme) - Developing Digital tools for Citizen Science: towards new ways of learning about the natural environment (co-supervision with Dr Renee Van der Wal, Biological Sciences and Dr Advaith Siddhartha, Computing Science).  Graduated in June 2018.

Project activity

  • Co-Investigator. From Oil to Soil. Developing School gardens in Aberdeen City Schools. Project funded by Aberdeen City Council, One Seed Forward and Aberdeen University (funded period: 2017-2018). 
  • Research team-leader. European Aid – Developing STEM education in Tanzania. Funded period: October 2015 to March 2018. Project funded by the European Commission, led by Cathy Fowler (PI). School of Engineering, Aberdeen University.
  • Principal Investigator.  British Educational Research Association Research Commission: From Stem to Steam? Reviewing the potential of creative pedagogies for 21st century learning. Funded period: October 2015 to March 2017.
  • Research Collaborator with Dr. Donald Gray (PI) and Dr. Melina Furman (PI). Creativity in Science Education. British Academy Bilateral Programme in partnership with the University of San Andres (Buenos Aires). Funded period: January 2014 to January 2017.
  • Principal Investigator. Theorising arts-making for the development of ecological identity. The experience of the Natural World Course, in collaboration with Dr. Martin Barker (School of Biological Science). Research supported by internal funding. Ongoing.
  • Research collaborator with Dr. Elena Camino. Reviewing nonviolence as a framework for framing sustainability research in socio-environmental issues.  Research supported by the Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Sustainability (IRIS). Ongoing.


Past project grants

• 2009. Two-year fellowship awarded by the Piedmont Regional Council in Italy for undertaking research into collaborative and interdisciplinary practices of learning and teaching in Initial Teacher Education. 50.000 Euros.
• 2012. Higher Education Academy Travel Grant to support attendance to network meetings and events in the United Kingdom. £500.
• 2013. Scholarship award for a full-time PhD scholarship. Aberdeen University Interdisciplinary research theme “Environment and Food security”. Full-time scholarship was awarded to Mr. Nirwan Sharma “Developing Digital Tools for Citizen Science: Towards New Ways of Learning about the Natural Environment” (co-supervised by Dr. R. Van der Wal and Dr. A. Siddharthan). £ 36,000
- 2015. Ghana Trust. Scholarship awarded for a full-time, International PhD scholarship to undertake research on issues of sustainability and climate change. Awarded: £50,000.
• 2015. BERA Research Commission Award. Reviewing the potential and challenges of developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st learning. £18,000
- 2017. Education Institute for Scotland (EIS), Review of pupil support for ASN in Scottish Local Authorities. £10,000
• 2017. Aberdeen City Council and One Seed Forward, Developing School Gardens in City schools and closing the attainment gap. £25,000.

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