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Marketing and sales

Getting your product or service to market is essential for any business, and to assist you in achieving this, you'll require an effective marketing and sales plan. Utilise these resources to begin your journey.

Resource Type Description
Social Media Marketing Plan Website Useful guide on how to plan and execute an effective social media strategy. You can also download a free template to quickly and easily plan your own strategy.
How to Build a Visual Identity Website Guide aimed at startups, small businesses, and anyone who is looking to distinguish their business from the competition. It explores key graphic elements for formulating a visual identity, along with the importance of each element and real-world examples used by major brands.
Build Your Brand Toolkit Tool Design your own logo, create marketing assets and build your website.
Squarespace Tool Versatile website-building platform with templates and tools for easy website creation and hosting.
Bing Image Generator Tool AI image generator that can be used for creating marketing materials, logos, and other graphics.