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Validating your business idea

Once you have your business idea it’s important to validate that idea and do some further research. Use the resources here for practical ways of validating your business idea.

Validate My Business Idea is an interactive tool that helps you to create and test your entrepreneurial ideas. Create a Business Model Canvas, build Hypotheses and use Customer Development Process to validate your ideas. 

The Checklist for Startup Market Research includes information and advice about all aspects of the business sector you want to enter. Discover the latest market trends and learn more about commercial and legal issues, important business events, required skills and qualifications and more.

The Mom Test is an easy and practical handbook on getting more insights and more sales out of customer conversations. On the website, you can sign up to Practical Customer Development Academy and learn how to talk to customers and get reliable, non-biased feedback on your business or product before it exists.

Profiling Your Target Market helps you to identify who your target market is and what  your target market wants or needs that your business can provide. From this you can then develop your marketing strategy.