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Validating your business idea

Found a business idea but want to ensure it's worth pursuing? Validating your idea is a crucial step in the entrepreneurial journey. Explore these resources to assess the viability of your concept below.

Resource Type Description
Validate Tool Create and test your entrepreneurial ideas. This Edinburgh Innovations tool guides you through creating a Business Model Canvas, forming hypotheses, and employing the Customer Development Process to validate your ideas.
Survey Monkey Tool Online survey platform used to gather feedback and insights from potential customers to validate a business idea or product.
Mordor Intelligence Tool In-depth industry analysis and market intelligence reports, which can be valuable for validating market demand and trends for a business idea or product.
Checklist for Startup Market Research Document Access a comprehensive checklist that covers various aspects of the business sector you intend to enter. Discover the latest market trends, gain insights into commercial and legal considerations, learn about key business events, necessary skills, qualifications, and more.
Profiling your Target Market Document This resource assists you in identifying your target market and understanding their specific needs and desires that your business can address. Use this information as a foundation for developing your marketing strategy.
The Mom Test Book Practical handbook designed to help you gather valuable insights and increase sales through customer conversations.