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Pitching your idea

Getting your business idea across to potential funders, co-founders, customers and other key stakeholders is a fundamental skill that all entrepreneurs need to master. Use these resources to hone your pitching skills.

Resource Type Description
Pitching your idea Course

Pitching your idea is one of the courses available on LEARN. The course will introduce you to pitching, how to do it, when to do it and what to include in a winning pitch. This course is designed for students and staff at the University of Edinburgh who would like to prepare or polish their startup pitch.

  1. Log into LEARN
  2. Go to the self-enrol tab (top right-hand corner)
  3. Browse catalogue
  4. Search ‘Edinburgh Innovations’
  5. Look for 'Edinburgh Innovations: (4/4) Pitch It!' 
  6. Click on the arrow next to the course's name to enrol 
  7. Obtain the password
  8. Copy and paste the password in the 'Access code' field 

If you are a recent alumnus of the University and do not have a valid EASE log-in please email us: 

Pitching Fundamentals Slides

Pitching Fundamentals is a quick and practical guide on how to prepare a successful pitch. Tool is a user-friendly presentation platform for creating and sharing interactive, visually appealing slides.


Video: Pitching successfully
Hear tips from Student Enterprise Manager Lorna Baird on how to pitch successfully.