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How to startup

Find a range of courses and materials to help you startup.

These courses cover the steps you need to take to successfully startup your business or social enterprise. Including create your business canvas model, tips on marketing and sales and how to pitch. Some of these elements are covered at our in-person events or it may be suggested by a business adviser.

Exploring social enterprise

Keen to make a social or environmental impact through business? Use these resources to find out more about social enterprise business models.

Finding your business idea

Keen to set up a business or social enterprise but still looking for your business idea? In addition to our face-to-face services, try these resources for inspiration and guidance.

Validating your business idea

Once you have your business idea it’s important to validate that idea and do some further research. Use the resources here for practical ways of validating your business idea.

Working up your business idea

Understanding all the different elements that make up a successful business or social venture can be daunting. Use these useful resources to break down your business idea into nine simple steps using the Business Model Canvas.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product

You should always look to test your product or service idea at an early stage. This will help you avoid expensive mistakes and get you to focus on the importance of the user experience. Use this resource to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which you can test on potential customers.

Marketing and sales

Getting your product or service to market is key for any business. To help you achieve this you will need a good marketing and sales plan – use these resources to get started.

Pitching your idea

Getting your business idea across to potential funders, co-founders, customers and other key stakeholders is a fundamental skill that all entrepreneurs need to master. Use these resources to hone your pitching skills.


This platform will support all staff and students from the University of Edinburgh with growth and investment.

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