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Building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) refers to a development strategy in which a new product or software is created with the minimum set of features and functionality required to satisfy early adopters and gather feedback. The goal of an MVP is to release a basic version of the product as quickly as possible to test its viability in the market, learn from user feedback, and then iterate and improve upon it.

Resource Type Description
Value Proposition Canvas Website / tool Identify your customer's primary tasks, the challenges they encounter while completing these tasks, and the benefits they associate with task completion.
Value Proposition Design Book Book Book on how to use the Value Proposition Canvas to find the unique value proposition for your business idea, and ultimately create compelling products and services that your customers want.
Figma Tool Collaborative web-based design tool for creating user interfaces, prototypes, and interactive designs.
Balsamiq Tool Simple and easy-to-use wireframing and mockup tool that allows users to quickly sketch and share user interface concepts.
uCreate Makerspace Makerspace The University's makerspace on the 1st floor of the main library is a creative hub where people gather to design, build, and collaborate on projects using shared tools and resources.
Crover Testing Lab Lab Space A service to support people in the ecosystem looking for standardised lab testing space at affordable prices.