Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

The Multiple Faces of Conflict in Latin America: Perspectives from Scotland

A seminar series funded by the School of Advanced Studies (University of London), organised by Dr Casey High (Anthropology, University of Edinburgh) and Dr J.P. Sarmiento (University of St Andrews).

Multidisciplinary Seminar Series 2013-2014

Conflict in Latin America has usually been understood and explored in terms of open violence ranging from the struggles for independence throughout the 19th century to more recent and on-going experiences of internal war. This multidisciplinary seminar series seeks to enlarge the analytical scope of 'conflict' for the region to include other historical and contemporary expressions and relatively unquestioned sites of conflict that have recently taken central importance, or conflicts that have been 'hidden' by the (neo)liberal state's apparatuses.

This seminar series aims to create a critical forum on conflict in Latin America based on ten presentations by different speakers who work throughout the region and are based in Scottish universities. Each speaker will present an interpretation of conflict arising from their own research to shed light on the multiplicity of experiences of 'conflict' throughout the region.

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