Edinburgh Imaging

Imaging for Scientists

Online education, providing an overview of imaging history, modalities (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Light Microscopy, PET & SPECT), plus image analysis, processing & manipulation. For University of Edinburgh enrolled graduate students only who are using imaging techniques in their research & more information.

Target audience

  • University of Edinburgh enrolled students only.
  • Useful for those undertaking projects (at either MSc or PhD level) in the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine.
  • Of more general interest to biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers &  other disciplines  encountering imaging in the line of research.


  • Principles taught are universal to imaging.
  • Examples reflect the major contribution of material from clinical / medical imaging & veterinary medicine.
  • Materials are drawn from the EIA MSc / Dip / Cert programmes in Neuroimaging for Research & Imaging.


  • Online learning, self-paced.
  • No tutor oversight, no assignments, no formal assessment.
  • Not credit bearing.

Time commitment

Allocate about 4-8 hours per week to study this course.

Visit the IAD website for more information & enrolment.


Location: Online learning only
Number of credits:

0 (zero)

Teaching starts: Oct / Autumn / Semester 1
Elective course for:

Institute for Academic Development


Computer keyboard

Computing requirements

Our online programmes & courses require you to access materials, discussion boards, references, activities & other online learning tools, via the internet.

You are responsible for your own technical set-up. We expect you to take responsibility for your access to the programme, make back-ups of your work, & to organise alternate access if required.

You are not expected to be a technical whizz. We provide guidance and training for the tools we use.

The University’s IS department do provide distance learning support; and also on weekdays the Edinburgh Imaging Academy office can also offer advice.


Photo of a female student working on a laptop

Online readiness

In order to study online, you will need the commitment to study independently.

Ask yourself some of the questions below to test your readiness:

  • Do I have access to a computer & the Internet?
  • How reliable are my personal computer & internet service provider?
  • Do I have adequate computer skills?
  • Am I confident about computer technology?
  • Am I able to fit study in & around my work, my family & my other commitments?
  • Can I log on to the University's online learning environment at least twice a week?
  • Can I commit to studying for around 10 - 20 hours per week depending on course load?
  • Am I able to complete tasks on time?
  • Am I self motivated?
  • Can I read & write English?
  • Do I have competent & efficient keyboard skills?

You should answer "yes" to these questions.

Some people learn well in a traditional training environment while others prefer a different style such as online training.

Only you can decide which method of learning is right for you.



Photo of a doctor looking at a brain scan on a tablet computer

Taster sessions

See what our online learning environment is like & test your computing system:



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