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Online education, teaching fluid / flow biomechanics including lectures on biofluid dynamics, mechanics of solids, normal circulation plus ageing & diseased arteries. Blood & blood flow, mechanotransduction, plus simulation & modelling examples allow more in-depth exploration of fluid / flow biomechanics.

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Location: Online learning only
Number of credits: 10
Teaching starts: Sep / Autumn / Semester 1
Elective course for:

Imaging MSc / Dip / Cert

Please note that elective courses will not run if the cohort is too small

Study AND gain University credit

(suitable for CPD, CME - starts as above):

Postgraduate Professional Development (PgProfDev - PPD)

Study WITHOUT gaining University credit

(suitable for FRCR Part 1 training, CPD, CME - starts anytime):

Unsupervised / self-directed learning - Biomechanics