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[05/02/24] Bayes Centre Community Profile: Effini

Bayes Centre community member Effini is an expert AI and Data company which enables businesses to use data and AI effectively to manage, transform and innovate within their organisations. The company provides a comprehensive range of services to partners and supports their entire data journey.

About Effini


Effini offers a range of solutions to help businesses at whatever stage they are at, whether they’re start-ups or established businesses, big or small.

Their goal is to help you use your data to support your business goals – and do so in a cost effective, scalable and secure way.

They use automation and AI to remove slow and error prone manual processes, bring data together from disparate sources and create customer and process centric views, reports and dashboards.

That not only reduces the manual workload, it frees up staff to use their skills to their best potential, helps improve data quality and raises a shared awareness of what’s really happening in your business.

Their starting point is often a Strategic Data Review and/or Architecture Review - establishing where they are, looking for risk and vulnerabilities, understanding alignment and vision with business goals, and plan a programme of work to achieve those goals.

This includes cloud architecture, cybersecurity design and data governance, ensuring organisations build secure, stable and scalable solutions. Along that journey, they provide fractional leadership skills to support a strategic approach to data growth, from Data Protection Officers to CTOs.

Throughout all projects, they establish strong data management practices, ensuring governance, quality and security are always built into your activities. 

They can provide programmes of data literacy workshops to establish best practice in day-to-day use of data and can help upskill and motivate your teams to create a pro-active and inclusive data driven culture, ensure good adoption of new approaches.

They are passionate about increasing data literacy across all levels, and have a team of data educators creating key data lessons for schools and colleges to teach and inspire our next generations of data citizens.  Alongside this, they are rolling out projects creating self-service learning for all to ensure organisations like government, public sector and third sector have the right access and opportunity to grow the data literacy levels in their worksforce.

The Journey

Effini was launched to bring the skills, strategy and innovation from larger business and corporates into start-ups, SMEs, Third and Public sector organisations, who were struggling to understand the opportunities that data and AI could bring.  By supporting them to build core skills such as data management and governance, they can carry them forward with innovation to achieve their business goals.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services to partners and supports their entire data journey from providing training and data leadership to gathering insights that inform actions and opportunities, and much more. 

The impact of AI on society as a whole has changed needs and wants from the ambitious organisations approaching us.  We have adapted our programmes to ensure we too are staying up to date with these opportunities, and we offer the best possible options to our clients.

Sam Rhynas, Chief Operating Officer and Director

Effini’s achievements and challenges

As a small company, Effini has experienced many great moments along the way including employing their first hire, getting onto key government frameworks and receiving fantastic feedback from attendees to training and more. These moments have been incredibly rewarding and have created a fantastic buzz for the company. 

They won analytics company of the year in 2021, and their COO Sam Rhynas recently won SWiT Inspiring Woman of the year 2023. Sam also sits on the Scottish AI Alliance Leadership Circle.

Jo Watts, CEO & Founder, is a non-executive director of Gamstop, the national online self-exclusions scheme for gambling and sits on the judging team for the British Data Awards.

The challenges of being a small company in such a key area has led them to focus on the things that make them stand out – creating an open, honest and flexible working environment, building ethics and people into all data projects and demystifying what is often seen as a challenging and technical topic into something that anyone can understand.

Basing Effini at the Bayes Centre


Effini has chosen the Bayes Centre as its base as it has allowed flexibility to engage with very different organisations, and to be part of an ambitious and inspiring community.

The Bayes Centre has created an ecosystem that allows us to engage with the right people at the right time to create really successful projects. We have brought our own skills, knowledge and experience to this community, from our community level engagement with events to activities with groups like the AI accelerator who are also based in the centre.

Sam Rhynas, Chief Operating Officer and Director

To find out more about Effini and the work they are doing, please visit their website and blog posts.