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Bayes Centre community member EOLAS Insight Ltd provide ‘one click’ web mapping services to simplify geospatial processes and provide instant, direct and low-cost access to environmental and economic opportunity information.

EOLAS Insight

About EOLAS Insight Ltd

EOLAS Insight, founded by experts from the Scottish Space Sector, aims to leverage satellite technology for environmental solutions. The company initially focused on drone-based animal detection before pivoting to Very High Resolution satellite imagery. Participation in a CivTech challenge provided the pivotal platform for showcasing the company's capabilities. From there, EOLAS Insight has expanded into more general automated mapping solutions for the environmental sector.

EOLAS's primary goal is to streamline geospatial data production, addressing challenges such as disparate datasets and time-consuming GIS software use. They offer automated map production and a range of geospatial services to support environmental professionals in the fight against climate change.

The Journey

In just three years, the company has transitioned from a startup to a scale-up, now employing 10 individuals spanning the central belt of Scotland and Northern England.

Service offerings have also evolved significantly over time. Initially focused on animal detection, engaging with the market prompted a shift towards providing more general tooling solutions to support clients.

EOLAS Insight Ltd's Managing Director, Douglas Stuart McNeil, advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take the time to think about what they want their business to be, not just what it will do. This includes considering how it will integrate with their life and the level of commitment they are truly able to give.

EOLAS Insight Ltd’ achievements and challenges

The company’s biggest achievement is the team they have assembled.   EOLAS Insight Ltd's Managing Director, Douglas Stuart McNeil explains:

Establishing a team within the financial constraints of a new business is hard, and I am personally so proud of having the people we do have working together. In my view a company is purely a structure which allows a group of people to work towards a common goal and because of this its so important to make sure that we have the right people working in the right environment. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone more often at the Bayes!

The primary challenge for any business, whether new or established, lies in finance, as it forms the foundation for all operations. Without adequate funding, even the most innovative ideas cannot materialise. EOLAS’s approach is to use existing skillsets in map creation and technology to generate consultancy revenue to enable R&D.

Basing EOLAS Insight Ltd at the Bayes Centre

The decision to relocate to the Bayes Centre was a natural next step for EOLAS.

bayes building

As the University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Bayes Centre perfectly complements the company's extensive utilisation of AI technology across its projects and services. Proximity to a plethora of events, not only within the Bayes Centre but also at the neighbouring Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI), strategically situates the company within the existing ecosystem which has built up around the University of Edinburgh. Moreover, the flexibility and top-notch facilities offered by the Bayes Centre were significant attractions.

Being part of the tech ecosystem at the Bayes Centre will be transformative for the business. With collaboration being a core value at EOLAS, being situated within this community aligns with the company's main goals.

We are hugely excited about our move to the Bayes and look forward to further engaging with this vibrant and forward thinking community.

 EOLAS Insight Ltd's Managing Director, Douglas Stuart McNeil


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