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Bayes Centre community member CreditNature, a nature fintech company that designs nature markets that are fit for finance and fit for nature.

About CreditNature

CreditNature logo

CreditNature’s vision is to rewild half the planet by 2050. They believe in making nature recovery investible for a more sustainable future. As a nature fintech company, they've created a platform to connect corporates with landholders, benefitting the rural economy, and nature. Using nature credits, they offer a transparent and impactful way for investments to have a positive impact on nature.

CreditNature stands out for its focus on large scale restoration, backed by cutting-edge technology. Their dashboard allows companies to monitor, report, and leverage investments for transformative change. It goes beyond being a product, emerging as a comprehensive nature-based solution.

Drumadoon in Scotland
Drumadoon in Scotland


The Journey

Since its launch in 2022, the nature fintech company has undergone significant development on various levels. Starting with a concept, an idea supported by technical and academic expertise, as well as Scotland’s CivTech programme, the company is now expanding from Scotland into Europe and Africa.

Our company was founded on the principles of helping corporation secure sustainable business growth at the same time as recovering the planet. We do this by leveraging the very latest financial and technological solutions. We have actively sought partnerships with like-minded businesses and institutions, and collaborations have allowed us to amplify our impact and contribute to broader sustainability initiatives.

We're working tirelessly towards a high integrity solution that marries technology, science, sustainability, finance and innovation. Our solution aims to rapidly scale investment into nature restoration, helping to address the combined climate and biodiversity crises.

Cain Blythe, the CEO and founder of CreditNature


CreditNature’s CEO and founder Cain Blythe’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to remember that entrepreneurship is a process, and that success often comes from a combination of building a talented team, having a clear purpose, perseverance, learning from mistakes, and strategic decision-making. It’s also important to stay true to your company values – this way, you can create a business that not only thrives but also makes a positive impact on the planet.

Cain Blythe, the CEO and founder of CreditNature.

CreditNature’s achievements and challenges

CreditNature would not be who they are without their people. The team takes great pride in their collective journey and is pleased that their members choose to be part of it. Their proudest moment is gaining the trust and financial support of the Scottish Government, who have placed faith in their product by investing in the development of a voluntary nature credit market.

The CreditNature Team: L-R Sophy Jones, Thomas Hodgson and Barney Bedford

Designing for such transformation requires more than just innovation – it needs an understanding of policy changes needed to support the transformation, consultations to ensure market fit, partnerships, and advisory boards to test, develop and improve the product, as well as a willingness to take risks beyond business as usual. Consequently, their biggest challenge is detailing all the requirements to achieve their goal. Furthermore, they are doing this in a novel landscape that is changing quickly, and frequently, so as a team they have to remain agile, in-tune with the emerging trends, all whilst keeping their 2050 vision in-mind.

Basing CreditNature at the Bayes Centre


Since the Scottish Government, NatureScot and SEPA have committed to support CreditNature, they realised the importance of establishing a base that would help them achieve their ambition.

CreditNature decided to do this at the Bayes Centre because they discovered like-minded people, working in a welcoming environment.

Cain Blythe, the CEO and founder of CreditNature, explains:

Being part of a tech ecosystem in the Bayes Centre is crucial for several reasons. It's a great hub for innovation and collaboration, it provides us with opportunities for networking with professionals from the tech industry and, on a practical level, it offers fantastic resources and infrastructure. It's a well-located facility that we believe can serve as a gateway to broader opportunities in Scotland and beyond.


To find out more about CreditNature, visit their website.


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