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Bayes Centre News: The Bayes Centre welcomes new Partner: BioSS

The Bayes Centre is pleased to welcome BioSS as its newest Partner. BioSS is a research institute of experts in data analysis, statistics, mathematical modelling and bioinformatics.

Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) was founded back in 1987 and since then has been specialising in the development and application of the quantitative methods needed to enhance scientific knowledge and impact.

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BioSS’ mission is “to develop and apply quantitative methodologies with a rigorous mathematical and statistical basis”.

BioSS believes in the power of collaboration, sharing research skills with partners working in the agricultural, biological, environmental and social sciences.  BioSS colleagues have expertise in a wide range of data science methods, and experience of using these across many different application areas, in particular in animal health and welfare, plant and crop science, ecology and environment, and human health and nutrition.  BioSS employs their research skill in these scientific areas broadly, working with a wide range of organisations, academic and non-academic, public and private sector, both within the UK and internationally.

Looking at the present and the future, the partnership with the Bayes Centre is a strategic move for BioSS, with the aims of leveraging the long-lasting expertise and collaborations with the Bayes Centre and related network, and of growing the range of BioSS collaboration and research together with the new opportunities that the partnership offers.

Please join us in welcoming BioSS to the Bayes Centre and come and talk to BioSS in the level four area.

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