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My SMASH Media

We bring together the people with ideas and the people who need ideas. The AI matchmaking marketplace for new film & TV projects.



In a crowded field, streaming services are experiencing problems in retaining and growing subscribers. Conversely content creators find it hard to get their new film and TV projects in front of the right decision makers. Failure to discover new talent is not a viable option. The content pipeline needs to be filled with hits, quickly and efficiently. Diversity is key.  Discovering innovative projects, with global appeal, isn’t a just social ‘nice to have’. It’s a valuable commodity.


My SMASH Media is a data-driven content and talent marketplace that connects creators with commissioners, financiers and other decision makers.  We give creators tools to build standardised pitches for new film & TV projects, and we match those pitches to briefs from decision makers  We streamline processes, create efficiencies & bring transparency to a process that is ripe for transformation.  SMASH makes it easy for decision makers to find their next big hit. We cover a range of film & TV creative content, from documentaries to animations.  Our formats and matchmaking Cupid will soon be accessible to games creatives.


Starting in the film and TV industries, our target market is:  1. content creators (aka sellers)  2. decision makers (aka buyers)  3. service providers. Within 2 years we will have expanded into games, podcasts and other creative content.


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