Accelerating Entrepreneurship develops smart and automated waste solutions for businesses, increasing their recycling rate, reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their waste management cost.



Without urgent action, the global annual waste generation will rise by 70% to over 3 billion tonnes per year by 2050. Commercial waste generation in the UK increased by 12% from 2016 to 2018, with the trend only increasing year-on-year. At the same time, waste management costs explode. Over the last two decades, costs to businesses to dispose of general waste have risen by 658% in the UK. This rise causes companies to spend thousands or even millions every year on waste management.

Solution's first product is a smart bin, which sorts trash automatically. For the user it looks like a normal waste bin with just one hole. Under the hood, however, the bin sorts the waste into several different bags of differing waste composition, using AI to identify the waste and robotics to clean and sort it accordingly. It removes the human decision process as humans rarely know which items are recyclable.



Our beachhead market is travel hubs in the EEA but we are already looking at retail parks, office spaces, and city councils. However, new products will need to be developed for different markets.

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