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Unsuccessful applications

There are a range of reasons why an application may not have been successful.

We are always prepared to explain the reasons behind an unsuccessful application. If your application to study at the University of Edinburgh has been unsuccessful we hope that this information will help you understand the reasons why this decision has been reached.

The most common reasons for an unsuccessful decision are listed below:

Competition for places on your chosen degree programme was extremely high

You applied for a LLB Law degree programme

You thought you were qualified but have been told that you are unqualified

You are taking resits

Your qualifications were achieved more than three years ago

You already have a degree, or are currently studying for a degree

You applied after the UCAS guaranteed consideration deadline

Your application is incomplete

Your personal statement does not show motivation to study your chosen course

You have applied for deferred entry

You did not provide requested information by a given deadline

You applied for a degree programme in Art and Design

Information on our selection process can be found on our How we select web page:

How we select

See our guidance for school leavers and mature applicants which provides full information on the selection procedures for the College.

Guidance for school leavers

Guidance for Adult Returners

If after reading the common reasons that applications are made unsuccessful you feel that none of these apply to you or you still do not understand why your application has been unsuccessful, you can contact us for further feedback.

Further information on our Admissions Principles, Policies and Procedures can be found on our Admissions web page:

Admissions Principles, Policies and Procedures

Please read the procedures for feedback and appeals at the following link. If you then wish to request feedback please contact us and ensure you include your name, UCAS number and the degree for which you have applied.

Information on feedback and appeals

Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at