College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Competition for places on your chosen degree programme is extremely high

Due to the high level of competition, most of our offers are made to applicants who will achieve the very best grades.

This competition means that offers have been made to applicants with grades in excess of the minimum entry requirements. A very high number of our applicants are predicted, or have achieved, AAA at A Level or AAAA at Higher and we are not able to offer places to all AAA/AAAA candidates who apply.

For further information please see our Admissions Statistics where you can find a breakdown of applications and offers per subject area.

Admissions Statistics

In considering an application we recognise that not all students have an equal chance to demonstrate their potential and so we also take a number of additional factors into consideration to set academic achievement in context.

Information on contextual admissions

For the majority of applications, the overall academic profile is the most significant factor.