Undergraduate study - 2021 entry

How we select

We assess applications against agreed selection criteria for each degree.

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Our selection process

Each of our colleges has its own admissions team. This means that, while the University has overarching admissions policies and procedures, it is the responsibility of the colleges to decide which applicants will be made an offer of a place.

Applicants who have met, or are predicted to meet, our entry requirements, are entered into the selection process.

We aim to inform you of our decision on your application as quickly as possible. Provided you have applied by the October or January deadline, you can expect to receive our decision by the end of March.

We give full and equal consideration to every application received by the relevant UCAS deadline. However, we get high numbers of applications for many of our programmes, and so we cannot guarantee to consider applications received after the deadline.

Understanding our entry requirements

What we consider

We consider all the information in your UCAS application before making our admissions decision.  This includes your academic qualifications, your personal statement and reference, and any other data and information considered in our approach to widening access applicants.

Widening access

Additional information

If you want us to take into account any additional information in the selection process you must provide this by email to the appropriate admissions office before the relevant UCAS deadline.

Include your UCAS ID or UUN

If you need to send us supporting information, make sure that you include your UCAS identification number or University of Edinburgh Universal User Name (UUN) in your correspondence.

If you want us to take account of any adverse circumstances in the selection process, you should tell us about it in your personal statement, or ask your referee to include it in your reference. This does not guarantee that we will make you an offer, but allows us to make our admissions decision in context.

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