International Foundation Programme

Support for Students

Forms of student support offered both within and outwith the International Foundation Programme.

Whether your problem is personal, academic or a mixture of both, there are many support options for you on the International Foundation Programme.

Who will support me on the International Foundation Programme?

Each student will be assigned a Personal Tutor in the first week of the programme. Your Personal Tutor will be able to provide academic support, advice and guidance. They can also help you if you are having problems with any of your courses, studies or life in general. They will also be able to signpost you to other areas of the university should you require specific assistance.

In addition to your Personal Tutor, there is a Senior Tutor that works with the IFP who will also be able to help should your Personal Tutor not be immediately available.

When can I arrange a meeting?

Each term, students will meet either online or in person with their personal tutor both individually and in small group appointments. These meetings will be arranged by your tutor and shared with you well in advance. Your Personal Tutor will also have a designated office hour most weeks where you can drop by or get in touch with questions or concerns without scheduling an appointment. The time and location of your Personal Tutor’s office hour will be made clear to you in your first few weeks on the IFP. If at any time during the programme you have questions, concerns or are looking for advice and cannot attend your Personal Tutor’s office hour, the IFP team can be reached by emailing This email is monitored by a team of people so you should be able to receive a response quickly.

Who else can support me?

Your course tutor can help you whilst you are studying their course. They can answer any questions about their course and the assessment for it.

There is a wide range of support available for students at the University of Edinburgh including the Student Counselling Service, The EUSA Advice Place and the Student Disability Office. You can contact them directly and confidentially or through your Personal Tutor or Student Guidance Adviser.

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