International Foundation Programme

Why choose the programme?

There are many reasons to choose the International Foundation Programme at the University of Edinburgh.

Top 10 reasons to study at the University of Edinburgh 

Why study the International Foundation Programme at the University of Edinburgh? Here are our Top 10 reasons!

1. The University of Edinburgh is consistently one of the best 50 universities in the world. We're ranked 20th in the most recent QS World University Rankings. 
2. More than 13,000 international students from more than 160 countries study at the University of Edinburgh.
3. 95% of the University’s graduates go on to employment or further study (2011 report by the Higher Education Statistics Agency).
4. The programme provides an entry route to over 150 degrees within the University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. This includes degrees in business, law, international relations and English literature.
5. Successful completion of the programme with good grades and the required level of English language provides guaranteed progression to degree level study at the University of Edinburgh.
6. You will receive English language tuition from the University’s English Language Education department. The Centre is one of the largest higher education centres for English language teaching in the UK.
7. You will be a fully enrolled student at the University of Edinburgh. You will have access to all of the University’s academic, support, social and sporting facilities.
8. You will be taught by University of Edinburgh staff both online and, where possible, at our campus in Edinburgh city centre.

Throughout the programme you will receive dedicated one-to-one and group support from your personal tutor.


The hybrid approach of teaching both online and where possible in person, allows for greater flexibility for you as an individual, making the course available to you in a way that suits your circumstances.

Student Voices


"The IFP was a great opportunity to experience what being an undergraduate student at the university would be like, but most importantly, it helped me improve the necessary skills required to excel at an undergraduate level.

The IFP gave me a clearer idea of what I wanted to study after I had completed the course. The various subjects that I studied gave me an idea of what I would be studying at an undergraduate level, as well as the skills that I did and continue to develop over the course of my degree.

The IFP helped me realise how well I can actually work under pressure. Especially at times when multiple assignments or preparations for classes were due on very close dates."

- Ilyas from Tanzania, IFP student 2014/15


"The IFP offers a wide range of courses, which perfectly introduced different fields of study and made it easier to really understand which course to progress on to.

Apart from the brilliant professors and tutors and the amazing people I got to meet, the best thing about IFP is how you grow as a student and as an individual. The program teaches you all the skills you need for more advanced degrees and more importantly, it teaches you how to become an independent student, develop your thought and take responsibility.

The best thing about studying in Edinburgh is that you might be sitting in the chair where Darwin or Stevenson or Hume used to sit when they were of your age!"

- Tina from Georgia, IFP student 2013/14



"The IFP prepares students academically and socially for university, whilst creating a comfortable community that fosters diverse learning. I still keep in close contact with the friends that I made during my time on the course.

The course definitely prepared me for the rigorous academics and the responsibilities that came with independent living. It provided a foundation on which I could confidently begin my first year, enhanced communication skills that I have used throughout my university career, and allowed me to understand how to best amplify my academic potential within the learning environment provided by the university.

Walking through the Edinburgh streets is simply enough to make one smile, and it, therefore, provides an excellent student experience."

- Hibiki from Japan, IFP student 2012/13