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The VetPALs scheme aims to help you adapt to studying at the R(D)SVS.

The Vetpals team

What is VetPALs

VetPALs is based on successful peer assisted learning models in operation throughout a number of Schools in the University and elsewhere. At the R(D)SVS we have 2 schemes – one for those joining us on the four year programme and one for those on the five year programme. Basically these are student-to-student support systems where more senior students facilitate discussion on specific topics with junior students. Feedback has shown that this has been highly beneficial to all taking part.

Why have VetPALs?

Adapting to studying for the Vet degree takes time and can be challenging. University is very different from school and graduates comment that the Vet degree is quite different from their previous degree. The aim of VetPALs is to help you with this transition.

How will VetPALs work at the RDSVS?

There will sessions, of about one hour, over the academic year, led by a team of trained VetPAL leaders (either on the four or five year programme) from later years. The sessions take normally at Easter Bus with each session will be on a specific topic chosen to meet the needs of the students.

The sessions are fun, yet informative and helpful!

More information on VetPALs

Welcome to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and are ready to start your journey to becoming a Vet.

In order to help with your transition into studying at the Vet School, we have a peer support scheme called VetPALs.