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Make an appointment or register your animal with our first opinion practices.

Making an appointment with our First Opinion Practices

If your animal is registered with the Dick Vet Small Animal Practice or the Exotic Animal and Wildlife Service and would like to make an appointment, please contact the Hospital for Small Animals reception. If your animal is not registered, please see information below.

Hospital for Small Animals

  • Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

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Easter Bush Campus

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EH25 9RG

We are based at the Easter Bush Campus, two miles from Roslin.

If you are not a client of the Dick Vet Small Animal Practice or the Exotic Animal and Wildlife Service but would like to register your animal with one of these practices, you can either call the Hospital or complete the online registration form and we will contact you to complete the registration.

How to register

We accept clients from across Edinburgh or within a 30 minute drive of the hospital. To register an animal with us you can either visit us or call us on 0131 650 7650 to talk to our reception staff who will be happy to guide you through the process.

Alternately please complete our online form and we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Online registration

The Hospital for Small Animals is a referral hospital which has cases referred to it from clinicians across the UK. If you have been referred to us from another veterinarian, we cannot accept you as a registered client for one year from the end of your referral.

Making an appointment with our referral services

If you are a veterinary surgeon looking to make a referral to one of our referral services within the Hospital for Small Animals, you can find information in our section for vets.

How to refer

If you are looking for advice from one of our services please follow the guidance.

Advice enquiries

Please note that these referral services are only available via veterinary surgeons. If you are a pet owner looking to be referred, please speak to your veterinary surgeon and see whether a referral to the Hospital for Small Animals would be appropriate. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to make the arrangements and provide us with all of the information we require on your case.