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How we can help with clinical queries.


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Covid19 update

We recognise the current impact of the pandemic on our colleagues in practice. We would like to help. Therefore our X-ray advice reporting service has been made free for the duration of the crisis. Information on the service can be found at here.


The Advice Request Form should be used for non-urgent matters. Please call us on 0131 650 7650 if you have an urgent query. A member of the specialist service will aim to contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your fax (Monday to Friday).

Please be aware that our clinicians have clinical and teaching commitments so it can be difficult to respond at a specific time. It helps us if you are able to give a range of contact times. We have requested contact details for other members of your staff in order to help ensure your practice can receive a prompt reply.

Please note that advice can only be based on the information received so please give us as much as possible; please send any additional information on a separate sheet.

Our advice will be provided in good faith but we must remind you that any decisions based upon it remain your responsibility. We hope that both you and your client benefit from the advice received. We are constantly trying to improve the service that we can offer to our referring practices and, as a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on providing information to practicing vets.

Our Advice Request Service is currently provided free but responding to enquiries can take up a significant amount of our specialists’ fee-earning time. In order to help us to continue offering this service free of charge, we would be grateful if you can strongly encourage your client to consider making a donation to the service which has helped in the diagnosis and treatment. Donations can be made:

  • By calling our Accounts department directly on 0131 650 7607 / 650 7566