Hospital for Small Animals

How to refer

Request a referral by phoning us and sending us details of the case.

If you are a vet and would like to make a referral to one of our services within the Hospital for Small Animals, you can find information  below.
Please make initial contact on  0131 650 7650.
You can request a referral using our form or by sending an email with a brief case summary and relevant diagnostic results . We require this as soon as possible after your call and before the patient is seen.

Case details

To help us manage the case, it is helpful if we receive full details of all tests and treatments administered, and the responses, a summary of the case, along with any background material.

You can email(or post) us this information with details of the client’s name, referral service involved, and the appointment time. 

In an emergency, the case information  can be brought by the client, but it allows us to be better prepared if we  receive it in advance.

Managing communications

We ask that you make first contact with us, rather than asking your client to contact us. This avoids any confusion about whether the event is a true referral or a client seeking a second opinion without having informed your practice.

Should your client wish to reschedule an appointment or ask for any information, they should call the main reception, on 0131 650 7650.


For emergencies within normal working hours, please phone 0131 650 7650 and submit this form as soon as possible following the call.

If you wish to make an emergency referral out with normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5:30pm), please contact our emergency service on 0131 650 7650 and you will be given the emergency contact number.
You should still submit the above form and email the history, lab results, xrays etc to