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Completed projects

Studies that have now finished.

ViCo (video conferencing) study

Follow-up consultations in general practice: assessing the feasibility and acceptability of video consultations over the internet, from the perspective of patients and primary care clinicians.


Acceptability to patients and clinicians of an AI-based app to support people with COPD.

Healthy Me

HealthyMe is funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and is a collaboration with technology company, Philips.


Towards An integrated Self-Monitoring solutIoN for stroke/TIA.


Alternatives to face-to-face consultation with GPs.


Blossom: home BLOod preSSure monitOring in pregnancy using teleMetry.


The impact of a telemetric COPD monitoring service: a randomised controlled trial with nested qualitative study.

COPD light touch

‘Light Touch’ telemonitoring for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in Lothian.

COPD respiratory rate

Monitoring respiratory rate in COPD to detect early deterioration leading to hospital admission.

Data integration

Integrating patient acquired telehealthcare-generated data with the General Practice electronic health record: exploring the views of primary care staff.

Dementia digital platform

The use of a digital platform to support people living with dementia and their carers.

Satellite tracking in dementia

The use of global position satellite (GPS) tracking in wandering patients with dementia: a feasibility study.

Depression Help4Mood

The Help4Mood programme for people with major depression.


The impact of a telemetric monitoring service in diabetes type 2: a randomised controlled trial with nested qualitative study.

Heart failure

The impact of a telemetric congestive heart failure monitoring service (qualitative study).


The impact of a telemetric hypertension monitoring service: a randomised controlled trial with nested qualitative study.

Learning to care

Using machine learning to improve the efficiency of telemonitoring of long-term illness.


PErsonalised GuidAnce Services for Optimising lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement.

Personal asthma action plan (PAAP)

Developing an app to enable supported self-management for people with asthma.

Physical activity in COPD

Programme to enhance physical activity in people with COPD.

Remind study

An exploratory study of the acceptability and perceived value of electronic multi-compartment medication devices to inform a subsequent RCT of their effect on medication adherence.


Continuous intelligent cough detection and identification based on smartphones.


The impact of a nurse-led telemetric home blood pressure monitoring service in stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA).


Study to determine how well older people can understand telecare medication reminders under adverse circumstances, such as high background noise.


Exploratory pilot trial of telemetric monitoring of patients with long term ventilation needs.