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Current and recent projects within the Telescot programme


People with COVID-19 are at risk of relatively sudden deterioration in the first two weeks of the illness. Telescot are working with Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) to develop a telemonitoring system for following up people with COVID-19 at risk of deterioration using pulse-oximetry.

Parkinson's telemonitoring

Assessing Parkinson’s disease using speech.

Scale-up blood pressure project

Scale-Up BP is part of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme funded by the Scottish Government.

Healthcare wearables

Investigating the use of smartphones and wearable sensors to facilitate longitudinal monitoring.


Feasibility of using a teleconsultation facility (Micro-Health Centre) in the management of chronic respiratory diseases in remote rural areas.

IMP2ART study

IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as RouTine.

Completed projects

Studies that have now finished.