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UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our in person events have all been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Many events are now available as online alternatives. In particular, please take a look at our COVID-19 webinar series.

Usher Institute COVID-19 webinars

For a summary of key seminars and events held through the year at the Usher Institute. please see our Seminars page.

​​* If you are hosting a relevant seminar or event and it is not listed - please email*

Other events which may be of interest

Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society Events list

Events from across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

See a list of events happening across the College, including the prestigious Inaugural Lecture Series.

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Events

Elsewhere in the University of Edinburgh

For details of other seminars around the University, please see the University of Edinburgh Seminar Site.

University of Edinburgh Seminar Site

The University of Edinburgh maintains a calendar of public events:

University of Edinburgh Public Events Calendar - Events at Edinburgh