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Patient Public Involvement in Research

Patient and public involvement is not about recruiting patients or members of the public as participants in research.

Patient and public involvement in research

Effective patient and public involvement can help researchers to improve the quality of their research and ensure it is relevant to patients’ needs. Members of the public might, for example, be invited to sit on a study steering group to give the patient point of view on all aspects of study design and conduct, or a group of people might advise a research team on research priorities.

Grant funders now usually require researchers to involve the public in their research, so it is best to start involving people at the grant application stage. Whether you are a researcher who wants to involve people in your research, or a member of the public who would like to get involved, you can find advice and support from Dr Allison Worth.



Patient public involvement has played a vital part in the evolution the MS-SMART trial and will continue through the trial. With the help of the MS Society specially convened focus groups were set up enabling people with MS to provide constructive feedback on the design of the study and in addition, two patient representatives have formal roles in the trial bringing them directly in contact with the clinicians, scientists and other researchers leading the trial.

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These organisations support public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research:


The James Lind Alliance

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