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Trials  ::  Health Services Research  ::  Methodology  ::  Capacity Building  ::  Data Linkage  ::  ECTU provides an infrastructure to design, plan and deliver clinical research studies.

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ECTU is able to offer support at all stages of the development and progress of a clinical trial from trial planning to trial delivery and reporting.  Support is also available for other research designs.

Project support

Research that will advance the provision of health care services with the overall aim of improving the healthcare of the public.

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ECTU has a team of medical statisticians, clinicians, health economists and IT specialists who can advise on the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of studies.

The development of sustainable skills, organisational structures, resources and commitment to health improvement in NHS Lothian and other sectors to prolong and multiply health gains many times over.

With the support of NHS Lothian Analytical Services and NHS Lothian eHealth the ECTU Data Linkage Service has identified and acquired for research use a number of NHS Lothian held datasets.

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Information on the portfolio of UKCRC registered studies, Commercial Partnerships, Data Linkage Studies, Health Services Research Studies and Completed Studies.

Patient and public involvement in research

Patient and public involvement (PPI) in research allows valuable knowledge and experience from patients and the public to improve the quality and relevance of research.

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