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MND-SMART: Motor Neurone Disease Systematic Multi-Arm Adaptive Randomised Trial

The aim of this clinical trial, called MND-SMART, is to improve outcomes for people living with MND. We plan to evaluate numerous repurposed medicines over many years using a multi-arm multi-stage trial design. Multi-arm means more than one drug is tested at one time. ‘Repurposing’ is investigating if a drug that has already been approved to treat one disease may be beneficial in treating another. The trial will be conducted in four stages and only continue if the results of each stage meet pre-defined criteria. In stages 1-3 the outcome measure ALS-FRS(R), a functional scale used in MND, will be evaluated alongside the safety and tolerability of the drugs. In stage 4 we will analyse the effects of drugs on survival. MND-SMART will start by testing two drugs; Memantine and Trazodone.    


Chief Investigator: Prof Siddharthan Chandran  


Number and location of participating sites / geographical scope (by region/ country): UK 12 sites


EudraCT Number:  2019-000099-41

ISRCTN number:  NCT04302870 https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04302870

Funder:  MND Scotland Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research My Name’5 Doddie Foundation


Start and End date

Of grant award: January 2019

Of recruitment: March 2020  


Current status: Currently recruiting   Website: https://www.mnd-smart.org/  


Participant Area:  https://www.mnd-smart.org/about/participant-information


Trial Unblinding Information: The PI, or delegate with authority to unblind, will log-in to the trial database using their username and password


Sponsor: ACCORD

Chief Investigator: Prof Siddharthan Chandran, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, 49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 4SB. Siddharthan.chandran@ed.ac.uk

Trial Managers:  Rachel Dakin, Jill Williamson  


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