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List of all current studies

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Rheumatology / Orthopaedic:

DENS  (duration of external neck stabilisation)

MOTION  (osteoarthritis)

SLEx (lupus)

TOPaZ (osteogenesis imperfecta)

ZiPP LTE(paget's disease)

ZiPP  (paget's disease)


Perioperative Medicine:

RESULT-HIP (effect of haemoglobin transfusion threshold after hip fracture surgery on cardiac injury and death)

Health Economics:

CORECT-R (creating a UK colorectal cancer intelligence hub)


Public Health:

ELVIS COVID (nasal washout and gargling for improvement in COVID-19 symptoms)



AGS-RTI (reverse transcriptase inhibitors + interferon signalling)

CARE(symptomatic brain cavernoma)

HEMOTION (haemoglobin transfusion threshhold)





DUAL ACS2 (acute coronary syndrome)

SCOT-HEART 2 (computer tomography coronary angiography for the prevention of myocardial infarction)

TARGET-CTCA (using troponin to guide CTCA)



MABEL (chronic breathlessness)

MucAct  (COPD)

TEMPESTAS (effect of inhaled steroids in severe COPD patients)

SBIVA (bronchiectasis requiring intravenous antibiotics)  


MARVEL (ulcerative colitis)

Mini MARVEL(ulcerative colitis)

MUSIC (crohn's disease)


Clinical Toxicology:

MAIL(macrophage therapy for acute liver injury)

Emergency/Critical Care:

A2B (alpha 2 agonists sedation agents)

ABC Sepsis (adult sepsis)

ABC Post ICU (anaemia management)

ASPIRED (enhanced ambulatory ECG monitoring)

BP Together (Towards An Integrated Self-Monitoring SolutIoN for Stroke/TIA)

CHAPS (compression hosiery to avoid post-thrombotic syndrome)

HiSNAP(paracetamol overdose)

Maternal critical care (pregnancy critical care admission)



RESORP (recovery from acute pancreatitis)

Palliative Care:




ELVIS Kids (upper respiratory tract infection)

Obstetrics / Gynaecology:

BRIDGE-IT (emergency contraception)

CHOICE (cervical ripening at home or in hospital)

PIPIN (prevastatin for preterm labour)

ESPriT1 (managing chronic pelvic pain in women)

PAPAGENO (prevention of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia in obese pregnant women in resource poor settings)

METAFOR (gestational diabetes)