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Good Clinical Practice

Our research team are trained in the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and comply with GCP throughout all aspects of the research process.

What is GCP and why is it important?

Nurse requests patient consent


GCP provides a framework of principles which aim to ensure the safety of research participants and the integrity and validity of data.  Compliance with GCP provides public assurance that the rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants are protected and that research data are reliable. 

Compliance with GCP principles is mandatory for all researchers.  GCP training should be undertaken prior to involvement with any research study or research activity e.g. informed consent process.

Where and how can I do GCP training?

There are various face to face or online GCP courses available.  NHS Lothian requires completion of a course that provides a certificate.  GCP training should be updated at least every 2 years.  If you have never completed GCP training before you should select one of the introductory courses.

Listed below are FREE GCP courses recommended and completed by members of the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group.


Face to face GCP training:

Local face to face GCP training courses are available through the Edinburgh CRF - Education Programme.  Accessed at Clinical Research Training Scotland (CRTS)

If you have no previous GCP training you will be required to attend a one day course NRS Introduction to Good Clinical Practice’, or for an update ‘NRS Good Clinical Practice Update’.  Early booking is advised as these courses are very popular with NHS research staff!


Online GCP training:

A variety of GCP eLearning courses are available from the NHS National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN). 

These can be accessed on the following website: NIHR CRN Online Learning


You will need to create a NIHR CRN Learn account.  Click on the heading “Good Clinical Practice (GCP) e-learning” on the home page. On the next page click on the “Introduction to Good Clinical Practice eLearning (Secondary Care)”.  Follow the instructions to obtain an enrolment key which will allow you to enter the course.  This course provides an introduction to GCP in a secondary care setting and can also be completed as an update.