Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine


We run a diverse range of clinical and translational studies including health sciences research, therapeutics, genetics and genomics. These pages provide some additional information for pateints, relatives and collaborators.

Professor Tim Walsh introduces the research activities undertaken by Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine.


A series of short videos from some of our academics talking about their research

Epidemiological Study

operating theatre table
Perioperative medicine is an emerging field that focuses on improving outcomes for patients after surgery. The majority of the 10 million patients who undergo surgery in the NHS each year do so without complications, however as surgery is offered to older and sicker patients there is a growing group of higher risk patients who have multiple medical conditions and are more vulnerable to complications after surgery.

Good Clinical Practice

Nurse requests patient consent
Our research team are trained in the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and comply with GCP throughout all aspects of the research process.

Blood Transfusion Practice

blood bags
Our completed work has described current use of blood transfusions in intensive care units.

Genomics of severe flu

Flu virus
We ultimately aim to identify targets for effective new drug treatments for severe flu.


Swine flu virus
All intensive care units in Scotland are participating in a research study to try to find the reasons why some people are very susceptible to swine flu (influenza).

Infection and Inflammation

close up of medics hand adjusting ventilation tubing
We know that infections acquired during intensive care admission increase illness costs and may worsen patient outcomes.

Recovery from Critical Illness

Ward 118 ICU Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
There are various studies being undertaken in the recovery from critical illness.

Stress and Immunity

DNA molecule with xray of persons brain
Critical illness is by definition a severe insult which inflicts an enormous stress on a patient's physiology.

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