Sustainable Information Technology Group

The University’s IT Committee has considered a proposal for revitalization and renewal of a Sustainable IT Group, securing representation from all areas to agree best practice in terms of the University’s sustainable approach to IT.


  1. Review and develop baseline of sustainability metrics in relation to IT infrastructure
  2. Contribute to University’s Climate Action Plan through setting realistic and measurable targets or pathways for carbon emissions associated with IT, taking account of anticipated growth and intensification and recognising that decisions on learning technology are made elsewhere
  3. Identify opportunities and areas for increasing efficiency of our IT infrastructure and to reduce energy consumption associated with computing and IT related activities 
  4. Promote best practice for energy consumption and waste in relation to Information Technology within the University. The Group will identify and promote the use of both hardware and software solutions categorised as best practice
  5. Contribute to furthering other aspects of the University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy to manage risk and identify opportunities. This could include supply chain responsibility and our partnership with Electronics Watch or advise on other issues such as risks for conflict minerals (specific topics to be prioritized together with the group).


Dave Gorman, Convener, Director of SRS

Michelle Brown, Deputy Director of SRS

Fiona Carmichael, Computing Support Officer, Literatures, Languages & Cultures

Victoria Dishon, IT Liaison Officer, College of Science and Engineering

Dean Drobot, Head of Utilities & Energy Management

Kate Fitzpatrick, Waste & Recycling Manager

Sheila Fraser, Head of College IT, CMVM

Claire Graf, Joint Unions representative

David Jack, Energy & Utilities Operations Manager

Chris Litwiniuk, Engagement Manager

Jennifer Milne, Deputy CIO, Director Applications Development & Operations

Fraser Muir, CAHSS Chief Information Officer

Euan Murray, Head of Learning Spaces Technology

Graham Newton, Desktop Services Team Leader, ITI Desktop Services

Gemma Stenhouse, Procurement Manager, Information Services

Ruaridh Stern-Mackintosh, IT & Systems Manager, Students’ Association

Rosheen Wallace/Amanda Scully, EUSA VP Community

Tony Weir, Director IT Infrastructure

Graeme Wood, Enterprise Services Manager

Meetings & Papers

Meetings and papers

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