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Making offers to applicants

An offer to study at Edinburgh will be either 'conditional' or 'unconditional'.

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Conditional offers

We make conditional offers on the basis of qualifications you have already completed and/or qualifications which you have yet to complete.

The actual conditions of our offer will be based on the grades and specific subjects we require for entry, and your predicted grades.

Unconditional offers

We make unconditional offers on the basis of qualifications you have already completed.

We do not make early unconditional offers to applicants who have not yet completed the qualifications required for their entry, and who have not yet evidenced that they have achieved the required grades.

If you receive an unconditional offer, we strongly advise that you continue to study for any qualifications noted on your UCAS application as incomplete.

You should notify us if you decide to make any changes to your studies at school or college after you’ve been made an unconditional offer, as this may have a bearing on your preparedness for entry.

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