Supporting Taught Postgraduates

Reviewing goals

Ideas for reviewing the goals you set at the start of your postgraduate study.

As you pass the midway point in your studies you will be consolidating your learning. This is a good time to reflect on the progress you have made towards the goals you set yourself at the start of your postgraduate studies, to ensure you are on track to achieve them. 

Here are some relevant questions.

What have you achieved so far and what does that mean? Record everything you have done so far during your postgraduate studies, both in terms of study and other activities, and note the skills and attitudes you demonstrated along the way.  

What do you still need to achieve? Revisit any goals you have not yet achieved and identify your next steps.

What has hindered your progress? Reflect on any obstacles you have encountered and identify strategies for overcoming them.

Are there new goals you would like to set for yourself? Decide on your priorities for the coming months and set new goals if necessary to help you to meet your priorities.

Use the template below to help you reflect on and record your progress towards achieving your goals.

You may also want to revisit the setting goals section if your priorities have changed during your studies.

Setting goals

Other questions to consider at this stage of your studies 

Do you have the option of doing a work-based project in place of a dissertation?  Which one is right for you?  Which one will help you achieve your career ambitions?

If you want to work in a specific area, have you chosen a dissertation which supports this? Is it an area which you can talk about in interviews?

Have you looked at the Institute for Academic Development dissertation planner? Remember to check when your supervisor is available to make the most of their support and experience.